Get To Know Us

Ashlee Buhler 

Hey everyone! My name is Ashlee and as you are probably already aware, I am one of the hosts of the All Things Gymnastics Podcast. I have been a gymnastics fan ever since I watched Carly Patterson win gold at the 2004 Olympics and haven't looked back. Over the years, my sister and I have looked for opportunities to talk about gymnastics and spread our love for the sport.  In 2011 we decide to create a blog called Triple Twist Gym Blog where we talked about the latest gymnastics news and interviewed athletes. It was just something we wanted to do for fun, but it ended up growing and became one of the most popular gymnastics blogs of its time. I have come a long way since my years as a teenager running Triple Twist, but my passion for the sport remains the same. My work has been published in International Gymnast and Inside Gymnastics Magazine and I have also done color commentary for college gymnastics meets on ESPN3. When my sister and I launched this podcast in April 2020, our hope was to pick up where we left off with Triple Twist, but of course in the format of a podcast! We hope you guys enjoy it!


Brittany Buhler

Hello there! My name is Brittany and I'm the other host of the All Things Gymnastics Podcast. Similar to Ashlee, I am a lifelong gymnastics fan who fell in love with the sport in 2004 and have been hooked ever since. Gymnastics has brought me some of the greatest memories of my life and I’ve met so many cool people along the way. I am so thankful for the gymnastics community and this amazing sport that has brought me so much happiness over the years. (Gymnastics truly is my biggest stress reliver, but particularly videos Flavia Saraiva.) My favorite gymnast of all time is Jordyn Wieber and through our blog, Triple Twist Gym, my sister and I had the opportunity to film a video feature on her in 2013 (which is hands down the coolest thing I have ever done). When I am not watching/talking about gymnastics, I am usually working full-time as an adoption resource consultant. I am currently attending Eastern Michigan University as I work towards my Master’s in Social Work with the end goal of being a therapist. However, gymnastics will always live in my heart rent free. I’m so glad that you’ve found our podcast and truly want to say thank you for your support!